Minecraft Story Mode

Minecraft Finally Gets its Own Story Mode. The popular game Minecraft has been promising the players everywhere with some unique gaming features and modes that’ll bring about new flavor to the gaming sessions.

Story Mode

The “Story Mode” has indeed been one of the top awaited features of Minecraft that the players wanted to experience. Fortunately, the “Story Mode” of Minecraft is finally here brining some different vibes to the viral game. Reportedly, the new story-telling mode is a mixture of a story and a game – obviously enough! The Minecraft mode debuted on Netflix and the millions of players can now give it a go.

Minecraft Gamer

The latest mode is better described as a bundle of adventures from which the player can choose; it’s an interactive mode that offers multiple gaming experiences that can be played by the user. The newest Minecraft mode is a series of events that the player – nearly creates – chooses; there are options to choose from that are displayed for the gamer and based on his choices the story unfolds!


Til now, there are three stories available in the Minecraft “Story Mode” with an introduction by Petra to give the player a couple of tips about how the mode works. Hopefully, the “Story Mode” gets the chance to expand its world in the coming months.

Minecraft Player


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