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Gaming has become a global past time for individuals around the world. It crosses cultural and language barriers to connect gamers everywhere and bridge the gap between them. Our tech has never been more relevant and impactful in a way that everyday people can experience it – having had it become an ingrained part of society.


And with the emergence of these games becoming more and more popular, the selection available has become increasingly diverse in the market. There has been a divergence from pre-established genres into those that are expanded on from the most basic of them. Everything from RPG to multiplayer platformers has grown in scope over the years.

One of the games that have proven the current ability of genre-crossing is Minecraft. It was unveiled to the world in 2011 to an unforeseen amount of attention and sales. The game is a building based platform designed to be interactive with the world it is set in. Players can work in various modes such as survival and creative, with each presenting their own unique gameplay.

The Game

Minecraft has become the example of a genre-bending game since its release. Rarely is the game discussed without some aspect of its genre inclusive playing style being brought up – gamers everywhere viewing it as the perfect example of this trend. Many see it as a cross between an open world and sandbox game. While the terms have been used to similarly describe games there is a slight difference in their true definition.

In regards to Minecraft, there are defined ways to view the genres mentioned. An open world game is one with a world free for the gamer to explore. And, though sandbox can be classed in a category with open world games, they are not the same. Sandbox games are one where individuals craft their own “emergent storyline” using tools given to the players by the developers but not necessarily with a pre-defined purpose.


It can be said that gaming and its classifications can be complicated. There is no doubt that the days of simple one-dimensional platformers are over and in there place a new and unique gameplay style. But that doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. With our improved tech has come a whole new world of gaming that the world now has to offer – every day bringing with it the drive to push limits of how we view the games we play.

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