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It is quite fascinating to see how far the world of technology has gone.  The contemporary times surely belong to the tech world will so many inventions and enhancements in this field and the way it has eased our tasks like communication and sharing. But the most happening part of technology is the fun filled world of video games which could be played on phones, Xbox, play station, computers and laptops. The best part is there are games matching for gamers with varied interests like adventure, music, action games, and puzzles and so on. There is one game which offers the ultimate adventure and pushes the creative side of the players by allowing them to build constructions of the blocks (these are of one cubic meter in size) and it is none other than Minecraft.

Minecraft is filled with many adventure activities and has brilliant environment which has mobs, plants along with items besides the blocks. Structures and creations could be created by the players in Minecraft due to is open-ended environment. This game has many facets to it like exploration, combat, collecting of new resources so that new blocks and tools could be crafted, ore mining and so on for the players. Originally created by Markus “Notch” Persson, now his company named Mojang AB maintains this game. German composer Daniel “C418” Rosenfeld has composed music and sound effects for Minecraft. Minecraft Classic was released in 2009 and n 2011 it full release version was out.

Minecraft is available on a number of platforms like Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Java Platform, Java applet, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, Xbox One and more. Paintings for Minecraft are done by Kristoffer Zetterstrand. Minecraft has an achievement system and offers lot of freedom to the players with respect to selection of how the game should be played and the player does not have any specific goals to accomplish. This game could be played both in first person mode which is its default mode and also in third person mode.

Rough 3D objects is the major component of Minecraft which are mostly cubes. Breaking as well as placing the blocks is the main aspect of this game. The environment of Minecraft consists of a virtually infinite game world which is procedurally generated. Plains, forests, mountains, different water bodies, caves are the terrains where players could walk across in this game. This is an action and adventure filled game where there are non-player characters like animals, villagers, mobs as well as hostile creatures which the player may have to encounter. A day and night cycle is followed in the in-game time system and as far as one full cycle is concerned, it lasts for twenty minutes of real time. During the daytime, the players could see non-hostile animals like cows, checks and pigs and during the night-time, hostile mobs like skeletons, big spiders, and zombies could be spotted in dark places which could be the caves. Creeper and Endermen are the unique creatures of Minecraft. Players can craft many items like armour, swords and so on and various resources could be acquired by players so that tools could be crafted.


At the beginning of the play, a world which has been generated by random or a specified seed is what the player is put into along with an inventory which is empty. A chest which is filled with basic items gets generated near the player if the option of open chest is enabled. From here the adventure continues as the player moves ahead in the game. The other aspects of this game covers mining, crafting, smelting, brewing along with enchanting. Minecraft has options of multiple game play modes. Survival modes, creative modes and adventure mode are also available in this game. Minecraft has attraction attention of millions of gamers and has bagged many awards too. Minecraft platforms cover personal computer versions, console versions and handheld versions. This sandbox indie game is hugely popular amongst the gamers for the kind of adventure it offers.

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