Minecraft is YouTube’s Most Viral Game

Minecraft is one of the big games out there with nearly a half billion players from all around the globe. Thankfully, last year was a huge success for Minecraft since its number of fans increased and the regular updates managed to make the game go even more viral!

Recently it was revealed that Minecraft is the most popular game of 2019 on YouTube achieving more than 100 billion views. The new Minecraft victory made the game no. 1 in the market despite the fierce competition between the current gaming platforms. Minecraft has been around for a whole decade, its fans are still increasing and the game is still thriving better than ever!

The game ended the decade with a new cross-play update to expand its community in 2020, and it was also crowned the most watched YouTube game of 2019. The recent update – and YouTube victory – thrilled the fans who have been asking for a cross-platform access for a while, and the same fan base successfully generated the massive number of Minecraft views on YouTube: 100 billion views.

Other viral names, such as Fortnite and PUBG, obviously got beaten by Minecraft which managed to carry on with its success across the years. Games like GTA 5 and Fortnite did make it to the most watched list on YouTube. However, YouTube has been always a home for Minecraft and its vast community of gamers which led to the 2019 accomplishment of the huge number of views for Minecraft.

Minecraft Player


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