Minecraft announced four new Xbox One S bundles


The very first Xbox One S Minecraft Complete includes a 500 GB white Xbox One S, subscriptions for Xbox Live Gold, a wireless controller and Xbox Game Pass. This complete package is predicted to at cost of $279. The bundles are out with complete codes for full games.

The Starter Bundle contains Microsoft’s Netflix-styled subscription service that currently has over a hundred games in its library and three months of Xbox Game Pass.

Well these 4 bundles are:

  • Xbox One S Minecraft Complete Adventure Bundle
  • Xbox One S Starter Bundle
  • Xbox One S Rocket League Blast-Off Bundle
  • Xbox One S Ultimate Halo Bundle

There is also an Ultimate Halo bundle, which is going to be sold exclusively at Walmart in United States. Minecraft includes a full game download of Halo 5, Guardians and Halo and The Master Chief Collection. It lies on Xbox Live Gold access by the offer of 14-day pass. Minecraft also includes Story Mode Season 1 of The Complete Adventure (Episodes 1-8).

Minecraft Player


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